Little Extras Lifestyle has been a boutique full of heart and soul since 2005. It was acquired by the current owner, Leigh Bartholomaeus, in 2012, when she saw an opportunity to further develop the business.

With Leigh’s strong work ethic and dedicated personality, she has, with the help of the L.E.L team, transformed Little Extras Lifestyle into what it is today; an all-inclusive women’s shop and online store that provides excellent service and a curated range of quality and affordable products that inspire and empower women to look and feel beautiful, confident and comfortable, both inside and out.

Leigh’s vision for L.E.L is to continue improving the beautiful product range and customer service efforts to ensure customers receive the most compelling shopping experience possible, both in-store and online. Her heart is with her customers and ensuring they feel seen, heard and uplifted by the L.E.L staff takes priority for Leigh.


L.E.L believes deeply in our four top values for a successful workplace;

Excellence; Commitment to excellence, ensure the highest standards in service, quality of work and accountability.

Respect; Respect and value others, their time, their point of view and overall needs. Work with a collaborative spirit to ensure professional growth.

Accountability; Willingly engage in everything you do. Be reliable and responsible.

Honour; Perform with the highest level of integrity and ethics. Be trustworthy and honest to ensure strong relationships with one another.


As you may have heard, BUY FROM THE BUSH is a movement happening in response to the severe drought many of us are experiencing in Australia. At L.E.L, we are embracing #buyfromthebush to celebrate the coming together of city & country in these times of trial and tribulation and to together raise awareness of businesses out in the bush that need support on all levels. BUY FROM THE BUSH (#buyfromthebush) showcases beautiful products, both created and sourced by shopkeepers, creators and makers. You can check out #buyfromthebush on Instagram to see for yourself.


At L.E.L, we love what we do, and we think one of the most important things we can do is have fun… (yes Leigh, we hear you, productive fun!!). You will often hear us laughing in-store or on our Instagram stories @littleextraslifestyle.

We are equally passionate about women feeling happy within themselves so whether it’s in-store or online, we always want you to leave your experience with L.E.L feeling comfortable and confident!

So, whatever you need in the fashion department, pop in-store or call us for some personalised service – we are always happy to help!

Thanks for taking your time getting to know us!

Lots of Love,

Team L.E.L xo

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